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When fighting the "pack rat" syndrome, a move to a new home is an ideal time to sort and throw out unwanted items. As you do so, organize the possessions you're taking with you in cartons according to their new storage locations-attic, garage, coat closet, and so on. Using a large marker, write where they are to go on the outside of the box. All other items, donate to Goodwill Industries.
Published by TracyAnn 62 months ago in Home Cleaning | +2 votes | 0 comments
What to look for when purchasing a vacuum cleaner. Before shopping for a vacuum, list the items you need to clean (carpets, hardwood floors, upholstered furniture, draperies, stairwells. Select a vacuum model such as Upright Vacuum, Canister Vacuum, with as many appropriate accessories as possible. The more convenience features your vacuum has, the more time and effort you'll save on cleaning day. Look for a lightweight machine with a lengthy cord and easy-to-use controls, accessories, and bag-c...
Published by TracyAnn 67 months ago in Home Cleaning | +2 votes | 0 comments
Many people give baked goods as gifts. Once youÂ’ve made your food gifts, it would be a shame to have them ruined on the way to their destination. Keeping baked goods fresh and attractive and safe if simple if you follow the hints and tips given below. Here you will learn how to store and pack your baked goods so they retain their great taste and good looks.
Published by TracyAnn 68 months ago in Food & Cooking | +24 votes | 14 comments
Successful beef and pork cookery requires a higher level of skill and more attention; whether cooking conventionally or microwaving. Meats cooked in the microwave can be juicy and tender if properly cooked. Meats cooked more than 15-20 minutes brown nicely in their own juices. Beef and pork are AmericaÂ’s favorite meats. You will find that if you select meat wisely, store it properly and choose appropriate cooking methods, microwaved beef and pork will be more flavorful, tender and juicy tha...
Published by TracyAnn 69 months ago in Food & Cooking | +13 votes | 5 comments
Spinach came originally from Asia through Spain. Our familiar spinach is available fresh all year long. The whole of a small plant is pulled up and the root end and the stems are often very sandy. Thorough washing is necessary. This chore makes the frozen vegetable increasingly popular, but fresh spinach is far more delicious. These glossy green leaves are the basis of many an epicurean dish, such as sole Florentine and spinach soufflé.
Published by TracyAnn 69 months ago in Food & Cooking | +22 votes | 9 comments
Salary might be what some people look for when searching for a great career, but many times additional benefits and perks the company offers are just as significant when one is deciding to accept or decline a job offer. The offer with the highest salary is not necessarily the ultimate deal for everyone. Instead, itÂ’s best to consider additional benefits that will not only help you out on a monthly basis, but also help your entire family as well.
Published by TracyAnn 69 months ago in Career Management & Promotions | +15 votes | 2 comments
This recipe is an adaption of challah or hallah, the braided white bread baked for the Friday night Sabbath meal. Leavened bread was common among the Israelites perhaps as far back as 3000 B.C. the hallah was originally the priestÂ’s share, 1/24 of the dough of a private household, and the dough was made of certain specified grains. One of these golden braids is a beautiful addition to any meal.
Published by TracyAnn 69 months ago in Food & Cooking | +17 votes | 4 comments
Puff pastry is made of many thin layers-or leaves-of dough, and that is how it gets its name, pate feuilletee, from the French words for pastry and leaf. To make the layers, the pastry is folded, rolled, then chilled, over and over again. Each folding and rolling is called a “turn.” This is one pastry that is always baked before being filled, because filling would prevent perfect rising.
Published by TracyAnn 69 months ago in Food & Cooking | +9 votes | 3 comments
This pastry is used for small tarts to be filled with cream and fruits. A flan pastry is somewhat a cross between pastry and rich biscuit. The principal ingredients of all pastry are flour, fat and liquid. Their proportions and the methods of combining them account for the differences in the various types of piecrust pastry.
Published by TracyAnn 69 months ago in Food & Cooking | +4 votes | 1 comments
Shielding is one of the factors that determines cooking time when using a microwave. The purpose of shielding is to slow down the cooking process, preventing less dense areas from overcooking when using your microwave oven. Shielding is usually necessary on chicken wings and drumsticks and large pieces of meat, where some sections may cook faster than desired when cooking with the microwave oven.
Published by TracyAnn 69 months ago in Home Appliances | +7 votes | 4 comments
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